Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning for San Francisco

It's one of the ironies of owning a fine handmade rug. It takes an experienced artisan hundreds of hours to create a beautiful hand knotted rug. Even the casual observer can clearly tell it's a work of art. Yet the minute you place it on the floor it's destined for a lifetime of wear and tear. But we don’t expect you to stop walking on your rug, after all, that’s what they were made for.

However, while enjoying an oriental rug merely requires refined sensibilities, cleaning and maintaining your rug requires the gentle hand of a seasoned expert.

This is where we come in. Artisan Fine Rug Care Studio provides personalized full service rug care for some of the San Francisco Bay’s most demanding Oriental rug aficionados.

So whether you need just a spring cleaning for your favorite rug or ongoing cleaning, and storage support for your personal collection, we have a program tailored to your needs.

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