Needle, thread, scissors and other rug repair supplies

Fine rugs are hand made by seasoned artisans. It should be cleaned and repaired the same way.

Professional, Expert Rug Care Cleaning and Repair You Can Trust

We share your passion for handmade textiles. We invite you to visit our studio and discuss the treatment of your rug personally with the professional who will care for it.

The rug care staff at Artisan fully appreciates the question of restoration vs. conservation of antique textiles. Experts differ, and the approaches taken by museums and collectors vary.

Peter Stone, in his classic Oriental Rug Repair (1981) writes:

"Conservation is preserving an object with as little change to the object as possible. The goal is to prevent further damage or deterioration.

Restoration is an attempt to return an object to its original or first condition."

An excellent article appeared in the Oriental Rug Review, authored by Herbert J. Exner, which examined the restoration/conservation debate with regard to particular types of rugs. His treatment of the subject is at once lighthearted and authoritative: he definitely has an opinion on the subject! For a most enjoyable discussion of the subject, read his article “To Restore or Not to Restore

Shocking before and after photos of damages and dirty handmade rug

Two halves of the same rug. Navajo brought in with extensive bleeding. We removed the red from the tan zig zag border and brought back its orginal crispness.

Museum Quality Cleaning and Repair

The safety of your textile is our top priority.

Artisan’s skilled craftspeople have performed services for the DeYoung Museum and the Smithsonian, as well as private collectors. Our approach to cleaning and repair of antique textiles is always from a conservation perspective, unless specifically requested otherwise by the client.

Services for the collector include:

  • Expert hand cleaning and hand tooling. (No machines or wringers, no heat). Full immersion wash in most cases. We use screens and other protections for your valued textiles.
  • Archival wrap for storage.
  • Stabilization, end stopping, edge wrapping. More extensive restoration is available at the client’s request.
  • Blocking.
  • Mounting for display.

Pick up and delivery available throughout the Monterey Bay Area, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, San Francisco, San Jose, Menlo Park, and Atherton.

"Margaret and Aaron at Artisan Fine Rug Care did an excellent job cleaning and repairing my Persian carpets. Their knowledge and expertise have given me a better appreciation of my carpets. Their service and follow through is prompt, professional and the cost is reasonable. I have enjoyed doing business with them and I appreciate their involvement in the Santa Cruz County Community."

Erik R. Johnson
President & CEO
Erik’s DeliCafe, Inc.