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Slawinski Auction Company is offering increasing lots of antique handmade carpets. Their auctions are great fun!

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The Root of Wild Madder, Brian Murphy (2005) Simon & Schuster
Read a review of this engrossing book here:
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A Perfect Red, Amy Butler Greenfield (2005) HarperCollinsPublishers

The Rug Merchant, Meg Mullins (2006) Viking

When a Dragon Winks, Emmett Eilland (2009) CreateSpace

The Blood of Flowers, Anita Amirrezvani (2007) Little, Brown and Company

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"Aaron did such a nice job with this rug. I’m really excited to see the expression on my friend’s face when he receives it. Tell Aaron that I appreciate the fact he got the red bleed out."

John Schumacher
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