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This is one nice rug!

What makes a fine rug? While the purists may disagree, we believe a fine rug is any rug you personally cherish and desire to preserve.

We've Moved to Santa Cruz!

Our new address is 1521 Seabright Avenue.


We Restore Rugs that Have Been Through Flooding.

Don't throw out your treasured rugs! We can clean them for you. We provide expert hand cleaning for heirloom and modern area rugs that have been affected by flooding.

Dry rugs can be shipped by either UPS or Fed Ex. 

As a courtesy to you, we will store the rugs for as long as you need, at no extra charge.

Call today for pricing and shipping information.


Artisan Fine Rug Care Press


"I recently had an excellent experience at Artisans Fine Rug Cleaning in Watsonville. I brought in my mother-in-law’s bedroom rug for cleaning; something she had not done in years. She is a perfectionist who is rarely pleased with any type of service she receives; she always finds something to complain about. Well, I knew that Artisans had done a fine job of cleaning her rug but never expected her to be so pleased! She said, “Oh, look at those blues; they are so bright! And the beige background looks so light and new, I hadn’t realized how dirty it had gotten.” If Artisans can make my mother-in-law so happy, I imagine they can make all their customers happy! The price was right and the job was done quickly and professionally. Our family will be using Artisans Fine Rug Cleaning from now on." 

Jill Tardif
Santa Cruz